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About Fred Williams

Fred Williams has been giving lectures on creation for decades to churches, schools, conferences, and other organizations. Mr. Williams has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, and has spent the last 30+ years in the high tech industry as a design engineer of both hardware and software. His projects have included developing software for a cutting-edge adult stem cell growth chamber, managing a team that produced high-precision GPS devices for off-highway vehicles, and is currently employed by Micron developing NAND storage solutions. He is currently the co-host with Bob Enyart on the popular Real Science Radio program that airs every Friday at 3:00pm on the 50,000-watt AM 670 KLTT. He has also long served as the Webmaster for the Creation Research Society, the oldest creation organization in the United States. Fred can be reached at [email protected]

Woman reading inside a huge book at night.
Whenever someone mentions slavery in the Bible, the image that comes to mind for most is American 19th century slavery. This is an inaccurate picture of the type of slavery that was allowed in the Bible. In fact the 19th century chattel type of slavery was not only condemned in the Bible, […]

The Bible & Slavery

One Simple Choice What makes Christianity the easiest religion? Well that’s an easy question. 🙂 Every religion outside of Christianity requires you to WORK WORK WORK in order to ally yourself with your chosen god or gods. Christianity requires no works, only that you let go of your pride (admittedly a […]

Christianity 101, it’s Easy!