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Does God Pick our Leaders?

Did God Pick Our President?
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  1. Blake Martin says:

    Very interesting article. I also believed that our leaders were chosen by God. Seems like I need to study more.

    1. Robert says:

      This verse only applies to Israel. The LORD has appointed Himself as the leader of Israel, His chosen people. Nothing they do changes that. But as for the other nations, He determines the leaders of all other nations – and in all cases sets up the “lowliest of men” as leaders (Daniel 4:17), and we are not to “oppose the ordinance of God” (Romans 13:1-2) . You would think Fred Williams would understand that fundamental difference.

  2. Luke says:

    Unrepentant adulterer? How do you know that? Can you read hearts and minds?

    1. Hi Luke, If President Trump has ever made a statement showing regret for this, I will re-word that statement.

      1. Jack Byrindi says:

        You are treding on very shaky ground here. Does anybody need to publicy regreting something for you to believe it. Whoever they are.

  3. Disappointed visitor says:

    Your judgement on Mao Zedong is annoying.
    Does God send you to judge people?
    Give back to Ceasar what is Ceasar’s and to God what is God’s.
    We are here to seek for truth, not for argument.

    1. Yes, God does send Christians to judge, just not hypocritically which you are doing by judging me. Paul criticized the church at Corinth for not judging even the smallest of matters.

      “These are the things which you should do: speak the truth to one another; judge with truth and judgment for peace in your gates” (Zech 8:16)

  4. Jeaneene Nooney says:

    You try to counter anthropomorphism with scripture that appears to refute that idea, however, you do not come to a personal conclusion. Your treatise needs another paragraph.

  5. David Wayne says:

    This isn’t biblical. This is Liberal Opinion. If you’re going to bandy the Bible about, you should quote something from the Bible. i.e.
    Romans 13:1-7 1Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

    1. Hi David… I did quote and explain Romans 13:1-7 explicitly, so wouldn’t it be fair next time for you to respond to the scripture I posted, instead of declaring it a “liberal” opinion without even reading it?


  6. Ken Bergner says:

    Wow…I thought this was a really well stated position, with documentation to substantiate it. The explanation of Romans 13:1-7 was very understandable…and fits well with my understanding of scripture. I’m surprised to see so many arguments. I voted for Donald Trump, but I did so knowing that he has a past filled with women who are not his wife, and that he has never openly expressed remorse or conceded any error in that. Mao? Someone would actually suggest that Mao was appointed by God? And as for judgment, I think we need to be less critical of others, but discernment is definitely a requirement of a Godly life…and isn’t that judgement? You have to carefully pick your friends, but you still have to love all others. Isn’t that Godly discernment? Thank you, Fred. Very nicely expressed position on Scripture.

  7. Ken says:

    Fred, you might try curbing your own biases before you advise us on curbing ours.

  8. Eric Ombaka says:

    As a fellow engineer and an African having encountered all these verses in the context of what I had been taught via a vis what I have seen in life and I must say finally I have a solid grasp of these verses. God bless you. If one is African you may ask where does God throw our prayers for sound leadership. If he is the one manipulating our elections then he must be the enemy of black people. But since he isn’t the enemy of Africans then the predestined leadership thing isn’t accurate. You have explained it well. Very logical.

  9. Kerry Olson says:

    God gives us free will to choose evil or good…He does appoint our leaders and he will destroy leaders also..God works through bad people also to accomplish what His plans are for the glory of himself. Jeremiah 19:5 you used as a further so you have a better understanding that he said they all will be destroyed.

  10. Brandon Jones says:

    Jesus said my sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me. I pray everyday God help me to know the truth. When I read articles written by people like Fred Williams, it makes sense to me. When I read the other guys take on it, I don’t get the same feeling. I’ve never been associated with any political party. Liberal and Conservative don’t influence me at all so I’m not biased either way. I identify as a follow of the teachings of Christ. So tell me, is it the Spirit living in me giving me insight, or is it a demon whispering in my ear?

  11. david E Heinrich says:

    I know the topic isn’t about Trump’s morals, but how does the author know Trump is unrepentant? He’s not required to publicly confess and ask mere unaffected mortals for forgiveness. Has he been convicted of a moral issue that requires repentance before God? According to my Bible, Jesus says “judge not lest ye be judged”. Be careful.

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